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this is my blog im hopefully gonna update frequently but don't expect too much

september 3rd, 2022

i started school again a few weeks ago. It's been going fine so far. I love learning ASL aned i've got a few really good teachers (some bad ones too) and I've been enjoying seeing my friends everyday. I think i hurt myself pretty badly during PE a few days ago though, because i can't really walk without pain at the moment. Its been getting pretty bad. I had to stay home yesterday because of that and because i was behind on my work and i havent been sleeping.. jeez this is a depressing entry. I did just watch A League of Their Own 2022 and it was SO GOOD!!! I LOVE the characters so much! i cant even pick a favorite! every time i try i just list most of the characters. My favorite scene was when carson confronts lupe in the gay bar its SO FUNNY. I watched the movie last night too it was pretty good but i liked the show better.

july 18th, 2022

I've been feeling a bit better :) I went to an awesome birthday party yesterday and I've been drawing more lately. some of my friends have left and I miss them but they'll be back soon and I've been watching season two of fantasy high which mis super cool!

july 15th, 2022

I just finished the last of the stuff I had to do for work yesterday so it feels good to be done with all that. I've kinda been in a rut lately though, I've been tired and grumpy and staying up as late as I have been hasn't been super helpful in all that. but I'm hoping things will turn around for me soon. sorry for the delay, when I said I wasnt gonna write daily I didn't mean I'd wait a month between entrys lol

june 9.5th, 2022

at the time of me writing this it is aproximately 3 am on june 10th, since its so early it didnt seem appropriate to date this as june 10th. I didn't write this in my first blog post because it wasn't relivent but i am currently recovering from having covid 19. I dont think i don't have it anymore but the symptoms have calmed down over the last couple of days. I'm fully vaccinated and boosted so it didnt hit me that hard but it definetly affected my insomnia. its 3 am and i barely feel tired :/ on the bright side it means i have more time to work on my website lol

june 9th, 2022

this is my first blog post on my new page, I had wanted to use a layout to begin with but i just couldnt figure out how to get them to work maybe i didn't look hard enough but it seemed like every layout builder was either too simple to get anything good out of or to complicated to start and on top of that none of them seemed to have any instructions witch was unhelpful to say the least. And i couldnt get any premade layouts to work on my website either. so, I gave up. I was prepared to just be content with the barebones layout that i had. That is, until i helped my friend make their website. I was willing to settle for my website but i was dead set on being helpful so i did a bunch of digging and learned how to input layouts with css.

But heres where the trouble starts, i had now seen the light. I saw how much having a good layout improves a website, and how fun it is to put one together so i made a new page titled test2 (rip og test) and after a few hours of searching, i found a super cool jojo themed website made by cinni.net and i ripped its guts out, made it orange and yellow, and slapped my name on it

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