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I still nees to figure out how to do this bit, but I HATE LORUM IPSUM Cat ipsum dolor sit amet, love you.




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don't know what to put here sooo here's a bunch of stickers



I am Bugs. this little mouse guy here is an incredibly close aproximation of what I look like IRL.

I have been coding and immersing myself in the world of the retro web since may of last year. Thiss is the fourth-ish incarnation of my site! to read more about that check out my archive!



My favorite colors are yellow, orange, red, and green in that order, my favorite book series is The Locked tomb (ITS SO GOOD!!!! GO READ IT), my favorite music genre is indie / alternative, bats are my favorite animal but if I was an animal I would probably be a mouse, I'm 5'2(very tall), I love stickers, bread is my favorite food, I love my friends, I love to draw, I've been curating a music collection, I'm an aspiring band member, I LOVE to code, and I HATE lorum ipsum.

This website has been a work in progress for months. My goal was to really challange myself by doing all of the code by hand. I wanted to make a website that I like and that looks good without relying on a template.

make sure to sign the guest book! :3


This websites pretty new! but theres lots of fun stuff to see!1!!

Joan Jett

Joan Jett

You are exciting and loud, and your energy is infectious. If your friends want to have a good time- they seek you out. It's almost like you attract adventure and strange people. Despite this you're also very thoughtful and intelligent.

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I am a Togetic!

This weird internet quiz said I'm a pirate!
This weird internet quiz said I'm a pirate!

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Born on: May 18, 2022