My little Pony: Friendship is magic


I have been a fan of mlp:fim since the day i was born, before the show was even out i was obsessed. I was on and off for the last few years but now i am a bigger fan than ever!!!

The thing that i love so much about my little pony isn't the freindship or the magic, the thing i love is the writing. The way the show is written not only treats the audience well by not talking down to us, it uses humor in such a smart way.



Each section of this shrine will focus on a different character that i love or some part of the world i think is interesting enought to write about.


Apple jack and Pinkie pie are the two main earth ponies


This website has been a work in progress for months. My goal was to really challange myself by doing all of the code by hand. I wanted to make a website that I like and that looks good without relying on a template.


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Born on: May 18, 2022