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About the webmaster

HI!! I'm Retro, and you are on my very own webbed site! Here you will be able to find all sorts of cool stuff about me and the things that I love!

You'll find stuff like blog posts, my art, shrines, music, virtual pets, and a lot of typos XD

things to come!

i've only had this site for like a few months and I already want a new one lol. I have a new website that is being made. I havent published it here yet but as soon as i get some actuall writing on it i will. I made the whole thing from scratch. I've also been ripping cd's and im making a mixtape

I still haven't made the shrines i've been meaning to. I think im gonna make one for the locked tomb which i love and you should definetly read, and one for my cd's and one for sonic, stuff like that.

if you like what you're seeing here than make sure to link back!

dog painting by Louie Zong

The current mood of RetroInsect at www.imood.com